Stacking system

PalletizeWJ palletizer combines the rigidity and reliability of industrial palletizing system with the flexibility of cooperative robot.

New Video: See how easy it is to add pallets to existing packaging lines.

Stacking with cooperative robot

Each PalletizeWJ stacker provides the services and support required to ensure the successful deployment of the system.

Minimum floor area

The stacker does not need to be boxed and can be easily added to the existing production line with floor space problem.

Rapid deployment

Ready to deliver! The stacker only needs a standard outlet and workshop air line to operate.


The stacker shall pay for itself. Because it can run 3 shifts every day, many users can see ROI in less than a year!

Flexible automation

Unlike traditional palletizing robots, palletizing robots can quickly adjust and change lines - no programming required!

Palletizing Robot Line
Palletizing Robot Line
Custom packaging conveyors
Palletizing robot lifter
robotic palletizer roi

Case Study of Stacking Application

The innovative PalletizWJ stacker improves ergonomic safety through a cooperative robotic stacker.

In order to hire and maintain a stable workforce, a packaging company tried to automatically complete the complex and repetitive heavy box stacking task on a packaging line with higher requirements.

Functions of robot stacking system

Flexible automation for manufacturers of all sizes.

PalletizWJ stacker is designed with the functions required for safe and successful automatic stacking using a cooperative robot.

  • Portable – Built in fork groove on welded base for forklift or pallet jack transportation.
  • Custom end effectors – Each system is designed according to the enclosure size.
  • Cooperative elevator – The pneumatic system in the elevator base has a cooperative rating.
  • Multi pallet extension – Pallets are stacked on each side for continuous operation.
  • Drag and drop software – Easily build, edit, and save pallet configurations when production changes occur.
palletizer gripper
palletizer software

Sliding plate with cooperative robot stacker

Simplicity is our specialty! With the stacking software of Wangjing Technology, end users can easily add slide layers to their tray configurations.

  • Slide frame - You can easily add a sliding layer to the pallet configuration without writing a single line of code.
  • Customized for each application, the rack provides a repeatable position for the cooperative stacker to pick up the slides and place them on the finished layer. - Real time feedback
  • Simplified availability - Using the built-in vacuum sensor on the end actuator, the PalletizWJ stacker alerts the operator when the crane is overhead.
PalletizHD HD

What PalletizeWJ Palletizer Means

PalletizeWJ stacker is one of the most powerful collaborative stackers on the market. PalletizeWJ palletizer is based on a durable portable welding frame, which can easily automate palletizing applications that are usually done manually.

  • High payload cooperative robot - PalletizeWJ stacker has a payload of 25KG and can handle heavy boxes that are difficult for humans to stack continuously.
  • Vertical extension - PalletizeWJ stacker can stack up to 230cm with built-in collaborative elevator

Increase cycle time

Use a system to meet productivity requirements!

By using a high payload to pick up multiple boxes with one arm, PalletizeWJ can increase the cycle time without exceeding the cooperative speed.

For applications that want to select multiple cases to meet cycle requirements, Wangjing Technology provides customized grip solutions

Custom palletizing gripper

ROI stacking is worth it!

Try to hire workers? The stacker not only fills the gap in the process of packaging at the end of the production line, but also releases the annual cash flow once the return on investment is reached.

robotic palletizer roi

A robot manufacturer specializing in packaging automation using collaborative robots.

  • Conveyor - Customized nested conveyors integrated with existing manufacturing layouts
  • Arm end tool - Customized for each application to quickly disconnect and switch
  • Support&Training - Directly available to customers in the field and virtual environment
Turn-key robotic palletizer

The engineers of Wangjing Technology are specialized in packaging line design and provide the services required to integrate the robotic palletizing system with existing equipment already used in the manufacturing process.

palletizer safety scanner
palletizing safety device

Cooperative stacker safety

PalletizeWJ stacker uses cooperative robots and safety level components from industry-leading suppliers. After third-party review, it meets the safety level required for unprotected operation in stacking applications.

PalletizeWJ specification

Based on standard shipping system, including stacker base and Doosan H-series H2017 cooperative robot.

Machine Details

  • Lift stroke: 27.375“
  • Mobility: pallet jack or fork bag of forklift
  • HMI specification: 12.1 inch touch screen
  • Tray sensor: photoeye for tray presence
  • Power supply: single-phase, 220 VAC, 15 amp
  • Air consumption: based on box characteristics

Tray size

  • Maximum pallet height: 105 "(application specific)
  • Maximum pallet width: 48““
  • Maximum pallet depth: 40“


  • Minimum box size: 8 "x 8" x 3 "
  • Maximum weight 25KG
  • Maximum box size: limited by weight

Cycle Time

  • Up to 7 cases per minute*

*Higher rates may require additional security

Standard security

The stacker operates cooperatively outside the crate without additional safety requirements

Other security options

Area Scanner*

If someone is in the work area, crash emergency stop alarm!

Hard protection*

Complete protection of work unit

*All of these can be used for additional costs