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Register now to participate in our offline activities and discuss PalletizWJ palletizer at Wangjing Technology Booth.

Offline exhibition and network remote display application

Demo setup: PalletizeWJ only takes 5 minutes!

Learn how to add PalletizeWJ palletizer to your packaging line without protection or programming!

In this offline exhibition, Wangjing Technology will comprehensively introduce PalletizeWJ stacker, including:

  • What makes the palletizing system fully cooperative
  • How to add PalletizeWJ stacker to the existing production line
  • Real time drill of drag and drop software
  • Use PalletizeWJ stacker function to achieve production goals
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palletizer gripper
palletizer software
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10.8 - 10.10 | Reply: Free tickets, 99 yuan for free

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